PREMIUM Properties

Daily Currency Rates

Currency Rate
U.S. Dollar (USD) N/A
British Pound (GBP) N/A
Euro (EUR) N/A
Australian Dollar (AUD) N/A
Canadian Dollar (CAD) N/A
Swiss Franc (CHF) N/A
Chinese Yuan (CNY) N/A
Japanese Yen (JPY) N/A
Russian Rouble (RUB) N/A
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) N/A
Indian Rupee (INR) N/A
Singapore Dollar (SGD) N/A
Thai Baht (THB) 1.00

Terms & Commission Fees

Terms of Business for Residential Property & Land Sales % + VAT 
-  Buyer - Non refundable Reservation minimum deposit 100,000 baht (refundable only in case the due diligence is wrong) 
-  Commission payment due in full on first deposit of 20% (or as agreed with seller) 
-  Erection of sign on your property 
-  Payment in Thai Baht 
-  Non exclusive contract agreement for one year minimum 
-  Commission Fees of 5% minimum + VAT